to be honest. i didnt know this had a news post. so, here goes. these past months and weeks have been pretty okay. just been making beats, remixes, and originals for sound cloud and hitRECord. plus the over whelming consideration that homework gives off. just today, i was late a minute to school... told me to go to his office and sit there... i did so.... he wanted to give me a 1 day detention. just the more obstacles to get through. on the brighter side, he gave mercy on me, and sent me to my first period class. which is always a nice thing considering that hes done this before on giving me a detention for something that i was late to 1 minute. but my music has prevailed ten-fold. just in time for Halloween i made a saw theme song remix. at first, a bit skeptical about the whole song... listening to it a few days later... it was kinda catchy... so its whatever.

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